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Nautical hatches

The Iacomelli nautical hatches are available in different types and dimensions or tailored to the customers needs, with a high level of technology, practicality and aesthetics.

Whether curved or flat, vertical or flush, with teak-ready ventilation grid, the naval hatches are made thanks to continuous research, study of materials and careful management at all stages of processing, from design to production to final quality control. High-level hinges, lever closures of our design and patent, allow you to have an ergonomic handle and therefore ease in opening with a simple rotational motion.

All hatches and doors Iacomelli Steel Engineering can have manual or electric opening. In case of electrical opening we provide. electrical panels and operating logic.

Vertical, horizontal and curved hatches

Watertight hatches in accordance with Rina rules

Flush hatches

Inspection anchor

Wing Station

Bulkward doors

Companion way